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Forests are an integral and vital part of our planet. These forest and wild areas are bisected and broken up with highways and devoured by development. The pieces of wilderness become smaller and smaller, unable to maintain habitat for the fragile eco-systems. In these pieces I worked with the theme of fragmentation of the forest.

Tapestry is a very labor intensive process. The paper weavings are similar to sketches allowing me to work with contrasting textures, images and colors, a fascinating interaction of warp and weft. The fracturing, fragmenting landscape is a subject well suited for paper weavings, where the image is cut apart and pieced back together, not always a precise fit.

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Forest Table
Changing Landscape Day Lilies Day Lilies Detail
  Entwined   Fractured Forest   Altered Landscape I
 On the Edge of the Mobile Forest Soaring Above the Fragile Forest Impinged
 Fragmenting Landscape Mountain Pathways Over the Mountains