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Animals, etc.

Animal imagery runs through my work and is used as an icon. 

In the tapestry Caribou on the Tundra the caribou is contained within the frame of television.  Nature is viewed second hand and removed from our immediate interaction.  The flowers become a pattern on the wall and the patterned green rug the grassy carpet beneath our feet.

The ostrich which hides it's head in the sand while our environment changes around us. The bison out on the grassland were decimated and their habitat ploughed under. The eagle soars above the fragile forest, now more a symbol than an actuality.

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Forest Table

Caribou on the Tundra

  Tomato Hook Worm   Parsley Worms
 Snakes and Ladders   Soaring   Grasslands
  Head in the Sand   Trees Were Wrapped in Cellophane I  Interuppted Pathways
Fish Train Salt Pile In the Murky Depth