New Works


Tapestry All That Glitters in
progress working from
the back. The rollover image is a detail. (right).

Tapestry Divided Landscape with images of the work in progress can be found in the Blocks Gallery. This piece was awarded First Prize at American Tapestry Biennial 8 and Best in Weaving by the NH Weaver's Guild in the Living with Crafts Exhibit at the Annual Craftsmen's Fair.

All That Glitters in progress

Fiber Artist

The thread of the environment and its fragmentation has run through my work as an obsession for a number of years.  The interweaving of technology and the natural world explodes into every aspect of our lives.  I work with this contrast between the hard edge modern world of glitz and glitter against the natural environment.

In this love/hate relationship lip service is given to the natural world while technology bulldozes through the environment both literally and figuratively. The struggle is a world of contrast and conflict.

Using the labor intensive method of tapestry, images grow thread by thread, a contrast to the fast paced world of sound bytes that technology represents. It provides a chance to step back and put these images in a different context to allow a refocusing on the world around us.

As a tapestry weaver, I find paper weavings a fascinating outgrowth of the medium. Tapestry is methodical process with the image progressing slowly. The paper weavings by contrast are similar to sketches allowing me to work with contrasting textures, images and colors to explore variations and ideas in a different format. This medium suits the subject of the fragmenting landscape cut apart and then pieced back together.